Exhibition Design, Identity & Editorial

Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Design: V& Design Studio
Client: Center for Cultural Decontamination
Project: Exhibition for 20 Years of CZKD

CZKD (Center for Cultural decontamination) is celebrating its 20 YEAR anniversary. The task was how to visually represent several thousand names & authors that went through the CZKD in those 20 years. The logotype 20 years is constructed from the several thousand of names and is featured on the exhibition as is on the poster for the exhibition. A book of those names is also included in the exhibition and the project. Each name in the book is mapped, so you can see & find where in the exhibition they were presented.  

The exhibition “The Living, the Dead and the Other” is made up of the names of the thousands of people who answered that call or the calls that came later, or who will answer new ones. It deliberately intervenes in the memorial tradition, expanding the concept of commemoration. Signing the register is both a collective and individual act of authorship . The names are displayed of four huge C Z K D letters that are constructed inside the pavilion to display the several thousand names of the authors that went through the CZKD in the last 20 YEARS. The names form the letters the letters form the exhibition.