THE GOOD BAG (DobraTorba)

Branding & Identity

Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Design: V& Design Studio
Project: Branding & Identity DobraTorba

The Good Bag Campaign (Dobra Torba) is a product with social and economical benefits for the empowerment of women is Serbia. The key behind the branding is to evoke a strong and easy readable communication. The Bands and symbols are used to communicate the positive and social aspect of the Good Bag project. The Good Bag is better because it represents emancipation accomplished and not only imagined.

Design of the Good Bag (Dobra Torba) carries a unique aspect. The bag can be opened prom inside and make it double size. This unique feature (check the images at the end) enables to bag to be double sided. So the main idea was – any way you turn it its a Good Bag – and that was the main idea behind the branding and design for the logotype and the materials.